What’s Next






Man, I’m a fucking idiot.


Bet you haven’t heard that from a man before . . .


Yeah, every man on the face of this earth has uttered those sacred words at least a dozen times.


I’ve been a fucking idiot so many times, I’ve lost count.


But this . . .


This is by far the biggest screwup I’ve ever made.


Oh, you’re intrigued? You want to know what qualifies this particular situation as my biggest screwup?




One word . . . love.


Okay, okay, I know I’m not the only guy who’s fucked up when it comes to love. Frankly, I believe it’s human nature to fuck up with matters of the heart. But it’s my first time. That’s what makes this so special.


Yup, first-timer.


A virgin . . . well, not a sexual virgin, a love virgin. I’ve had plenty of sex. Not that we need to get into that, but I’m not a virgin.


See, this is the problem. This right here. The rambling, the not using my brain. I would like to blame my almost season-ending injury, but that would be a scapegoat. I’m just a dumbass.


Getting sick of me beating around the bush? If you were in my bed you wouldn’t.


I know, I’m annoyed with me too.


Okay, so I fucked up. How? Well, I’ll keep it short and simple . . .




Random girl shows up at cabin.


Random girl stays with us don’t worry, we will get into that.


Random girl turns out to be my half-brother’s ex-girlfriend.


She doesn’t know.


But I know.


Do you think I tell her?


Nah, why would I do that? That’s the intelligent thing to do and as we established, I am a dumbass.


Does she find out? Yup.


Does she get mad? Ohhh yeah.


Does she leave me . . . sad, alone, and love deprived?


One hundred percent.


Do I deserve it?


More than you know.


But more importantly, do you think I should have a chance at winning her heart back?






Before you decide, just listen to the story. I’m pretty sure you will have a change of heart.