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Romance. Humor. Boob squeezes.

Earn Your Extra Credit

Earn Your Extra Credit

Earn Your Extra Credit

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From USA Today bestselling author of A NOT SO MEET CUTE comes a brand-new enemies to lovers romantic comedy about a desperate heroine who needs a fake fiancé stat! The only man at her disposal is the one man she can't fathom asking. Forced proximity, steamy tension, and hilarity.

"What do you mean you have a fake fiancé?"

Running into an old enemy can really do strange things to you. And when you find out said enemy is engaged to your father . . . well, let's just say the best of choices were not made.

It was supposed to be a vacation of a lifetime before the school year started back up again. My best friend was getting married and I had a free trip to Hawaii.

But that first night, I ran into not only my estranged dad, but his newly betrothed as well. Immediately my defenses were raised and before I knew it, I was telling them all about my beautifully handsome and extremely muscular fiancé who was on vacation with me.

Which meant, I needed a man and quick. Unfortunately, Hawaii is a very small group of islands and my options of single men were limited. I was left with one choice, Brock "Romeo" Romero.

He's handsome.
He's muscular.
And he's single.

He checked all the boxes. So what's the problem? Unfortunately, we completely and utterly despise each other.

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